Why Should Your Ice Machine be Cleaned Regularly?

Your Ice Machine is Already Dirty

It collects slime and mold every day. Breweries & Bakeries have airbornes yeast – which deteriorates it quicker. Peek behind your cover – if you dare!

Serve Clean, Clear, Great Tasting Ice

Your customers see it! Elmininate that cloudy ice look and sour taste. With a clean and sanitized ice machine, every cube and nugget is perfect!

Save Water and Electricity

A clean ice machine performs more efficiently! Without buildup on internal parts, water flows better & more ice is produced – saving water & electricity!

Prolonged Equipment Life

Our 10-step cleaning process includes a complete component check – which could find potential issues that create downtime before they happen!


You’ve Got Better Things to Do!

Slime, mold and lime scale are usually not things on your ‘to-do’ list. That’s why so many restaurant operators are surprised the inside of their commercial ice machines are so dirty! But, there’s never enough time for you or your employees to maintain your ice machine!

So, turn to ZESCO FSR to keep your ice crystal-clear and customers happy. Schedule your cleaning today and you’ll be serving clear, clean and great tasting ice in no time!

Our CFESA certified technicians perform a 10-step cleaning checklist that includes inspection of all internal parts, cleaning of ice producing components, reassembly and testing an ice cycle. Our flat rate pricing includes all cleaning chemicals, labor and truck charge. It only takes 3-4 hours, but the results are timeless. We can even install a new water filter during our visit (filters sold separate).

Want to ensure your ice is clear and your machine is performing efficiently year round? With an annual cleaning contract, we schedule cleanings every 3 months to ensure peak performance.

10-Step Scope of Work:

  1. Drain Ice Machine And Lines Completely
  2. Disassemble / Clean Float, Pump, Tube, Sensors, & Probes
  3. Inspect All Parts For Wear And Recommend Replacements
  4. Check And Replace Water Filter ( Additional Charge )
  5. Help Staff Remove Ice For Storage In Other Containers Or Bins And Load Into Walk In Cooler To Minimize Ice Waste
  6. Clean And Sanitize Inside Of Ice Bin
  7. Reassemble All Parts And Cycle Cleaning Solution Thru Ice Machine
  8. Flush System 3 X Times With Water To Ensure All Chemicals Removed From System And Dispose Of Contaminated Ice
  9. Test Cycle Machine To Ensure Unit Has Made A Cycle Of Ice
  10. Final Inspection And Wipe Down Of Unit
Total Included Labor Time: 3 – 4 Hours

Flat Rate Cleaning

We inspect, clean and sanitize your machine. No hidden costs!

$498/Flat Rate

  • Includes Cleaning Chemicals
  • Inspection of Ice Making Parts
  • White Glove Clean Guarantee
  • Install of Purchased Filters

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