When was the last time your kitchen cutlery was sharpened to perfection? A dulling knife makes your everyday tasks more labor-intensive and can even degrade the quality or presentation of your food.

That’s why everyone in a commercial kitchen – from the executive chef to the line cook to the fast-food prep worker – should demand professionally honed knives for their food tasks.

Since 1972, thousands of Indianapolis area foodservice operators have trusted ZESCO for their equipment and supply needs. Now, we are here to simplify another everyday task with our Knife Sharpening on Demand and Knife Sharpening Subscription Services. Sign up to have ZESCO deliver sets of freshly sharpened knives straight to your restaurant, bar, institution or catering kitchen on a regular schedule. It’s that easy.

Our Sharpening Services

ZESCO has designed two programs based on our customer’s needs. Choose an automatic subscription service that supplies you with freshly-honed stamped blade knives at each exchange, or have your own knives professionally sharpened at our showroom. It’s up to you!

Knife Exchange Subscription Service

What We Do: With our Basic Program, you select up (6) or more ZESCO-owned knife types, and your ZESCO Sales Representative delivers them to your location according to the desired schedule. We use professional-grade knives with stamped blades made with high carbon stainless steel and sturdy polypropylene handles.
How it Works: You always have a sharp set of knives! With a 2 -or- 4 Week subscription, ZESCO drops off a freshly sharpened set of knives and collects a second set for future sharpening.
Normal Users:
(Restaurants, Bars, Caterers)
Light Users:
(Churches, Part-Time Operations)


  • Includes (6) Knives
  • Exchange Every 2 Weeks
  • No Deposit
  • Month to Month Commitment
  • Additional Knives $10 each per Month


  • Includes (6) Knives
  • Exchange Once per Month
  • No Deposit
  • Month to Month Commitment
  • Additional Knives $5 each per Month


We can also sharpen your personal or company-owned cutlery! Drop-off at our showroom or coordinate pick-up and delivery with your ZESCO Sales Representative.

Knife Sharpening on Demand

What We Do: ZESCO Sharpens Your Knives at our Indianapolis Showroom (640 N. Capitol Ave).
How it Works: Drop off your knives during open hours and they will be ready for pickup in 24 hours. In some cases, we may be able to sharpen your cutlery while you wait or shop.
Drop Off Price:

$5/Per Knife

  • Any Size or Type
  • Includes Cleavers and Serrated Blades


Professional Sharpening Equipment

Stop using those small countertop electric sharpeners to revive your professional cutlery from its dull state. They aren’t designed to restore or maintain the original blade angles and can cause uneven or unbalanced blades. Without careful attention, they often do more harm than good.

With ZESCO’s sharpening services, all your cutlery is professionally honed by our trained technicians using the industry-leading Tormek T-8 Sharpening System that creates a precision blade edge even after hundreds of sharpening sessions. We use precise jigs setups to ensure a proper blade angle and eliminate blade knicks or burrs.

First, the knife is run over the 1000-grit SG-250 Grindstone to shape, repair and rehab the blade edge. This process uses a waterbath over the stone to keep the knife cool and prevents the blade-burn that can happen with other high-friction sharpening processes. Magnets in the waterbath help remove the blade shavings that could contaminate your sharpened knives.

Next, the freshly honed knife is polished on a leather honing wheel for polishing and to maintain the edge longer during everyday use. Finally, we finish with a sanitizing bath so your cutlery is ready for foodservice use upon delivery!

For specialty blades, like serrated or scalloped types, we restore their sharp edges by hand, using Diamond tip sharpeners designed specifically for your scalloped edge size and configuration.

Give us a try, and we’re sure you will agree that the final result cutlery that performs better in your kitchen than the day the blade was forged!

Knife Selection Options

With ZESCO’s Knife Exchange Subscription, we provide you with freshly sharpened Stäl knives at every visit. These knives feature stamped high-carbon German stainless steel blades with sturdy polypropylene handles for cutting accuracy and ease of use. You choose the knife types from the below section that fits the needs of your kitchen team and knife application.

3-1/4″ Paring Knife – KWP-30R
6″ Flexible Boning Knife – KWP-60R
6″ Narrow Boning Knife – KWP-61R
7″ Santoku Knife – KWP-70R
8″ Chef’s Knife – KWP-80R
9″ Offset Bread Knife – KWP-92R
10″ Chef’s Knife – KWP-100R
12″ Wavy Edge Slicer – KWP-121R
Let’s Get Started!

Interested in starting your Knife Sharpening Subscription to ensure your kitchen staff always has access to razor-sharp, efficient blades? Talk with your existing ZESCO Sales Consultant or call ZESCO at 317-269-9300 to set up your account. We’ll help you decide your professional cutlery needs and set up your first knife delivery!

Talk with your existing ZESCO Sales Consultant or call ZESCO at 317-269-9300 to set up your account